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Technical Equipment service and support

Technical equipment service and support TESS  was developed in order to provide with the most complete and high-quality technical and information service package. Timely analysis of used oils helps preventing the shipboard machinery wear and detect wear before it affects the operation of the vessel.

You can submit a request to a technical specialist at:

Technical Service includes:

  • An access to personal cabinet at website. Monitoring of lube oil charts, lube analysis reports and other useful data.

  • Assistance in selection and compatibility of ENMAR equivalent products;

  • Providing lube charts;

  • Supply on board specialized TESS sample kits;

  • Marine lubricant samples testing in the international independent laboratories;

  • Detailed reports on oil condition and recommendations for change;

  • Online technical support and consulting;

  • Partners’ ships visits by technical specialists.

Lube oils testing

The analysis of engine and other shipboard machinery oils is carried out as a part of the Technical Equipment Service and Support TESS. Marine lubricants samples testing is executed in the international independent laboratories. We provide specialized sample kits for easy and convenient used oil samples transfer to the laboratory.

TESS Sample kit includes:

  • Plastic sampling containers;

  • Plastic zip lock bags for sampling containers

  • Stickers for used oil sample identification and labeling

  • Plastic envelops for post shipping

  • Manual

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